• Name : Tyler
  • Born : September
  • Residence : Lawrencevill, PA
  • Venue : The Library
  • Years Active : 2012 - Present

What’s up y'all, I'm Tyler. I started working for Radical Trivia a couple years ago, and I've hosted a many different venues, including Tramps, Bootleggers, and The Apple.

I'm a man that likes to stay busy with a lot of different jobs. Other than hosting the shit out of some trivia, I bartend Thursday - Sunday night at Revel + Roost in Market Square, as well as mold the youth of Pittsburgh into the next Lionel Messi (yes, I'm a soccer coach). Little Tyler wanted to be a monster truck driver... that dream has not faded ( ALL HAIL GRAVE DIGGER!).

Besides my work, which I generally do really like, I'm a man of many hobbies. I love music of all kinds, both listening and making. Love rum. Love creating with my hands (drawing, cocktails, furniture, orgasms, etc). Love all the sports of Pittsburgh (sorry, Jared) and much like any person that works for Radical Trivia, I'm a man of pop culture. Keanu Reeves is my own personal Jesus, and Pauly Shore is his right hand. Dragonball Z and Avatar: The Last Airbender are the greatest shows ever made. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the creative geniuses of our time, and if you pretend you don't like GoT, quit trying so hard.

Come join our dysfunctional little family down at the Library on Tuesdays at 9! Love, peace, and chicken grease!