• Name : Jess
  • Venue : New Amsterdam
  • Years Active : 2019 - Present

Jess has arrived, and she's here to make you ponder whether her bad jokes and quirky demeanor are kind of endearing or weird and uncomfortable for the entire duration of a trivia show! When she isnt hosting trivia, she's leading her friends' book club, and clearly finding any excuse she can to insert herself into a role that affords the opportunity to tell everyone else in the room what to do. Venmo her $5 just to see what happens. The answer is probably nothing, but you'll never know if you don't try, right?

Tue 8:00pm

New Amsterdam

  4421 Butler St. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lawrenceville is known for 3 things. Row houses, hipsters, and radical trivia. You may not afford a row house, and may not be cool enough to be a hipster, but anyone can play trivia. (and we mean ANYONE)