• NameCody
  • VenueCasey's Draft House
  • Years Active2017 - Present
  • NicheTrivia skills in the highest degrees for 90's music and film
  • DrinkCrowne Vanilla and Soda water (Soda/Bitters/lemon during hosting duties)

Cody Ciesielski is the newest member to the Radical Trivia team, hailing from the South Hills of Pittsburgh. After years of rigorous trivia challenges against many adequate opponents, Cody has finally achieved Trivia Gamemaster status. Known in his past for music projects such as Model Class Citizens and KEYSTONE, he has acquired a true knack for showmanship and a talent for appeasing inebriated audiences.

Sun 7:00PM

Dee's Cafe

1314 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

Want to see bofa?... Bofa Dee's trivia shows! But seriously, it's the same time as that other Sunday show so you can't. We promise you won't be let down if you pick this one though.

Mon 7:00PM

Railyard Grill & Tap Room

413 Railroad Street Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

All abord the trivia train. Come take off your conductors hat and leave your coal shovels at the door.